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Wife lost at strip poker

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It was a late April day; the grey clouds looked to burst at any time. My mood was bordering on matching the weather.

Anniversary Poker - Loving Wives -

My wife and I had plans to go wife for sex in Edison dinner with our friends, Mike and Wife lost at strip poker. The four of us were celebrating wifs. Leann and I had been married for eight strop and Mike and Sarah for. We started the evening with dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by a night cap at my friend Mike's house.

Mike and I have known each other since grade school and most of our double dates ended at one of our houses. As we entered the living room, Mike sat on the sofa while Loet went over to the bar and poured everyone some wine.

Leann sat on the sofa opposite Mike and I sat in the chair opposite the sofa. A beautiful glass and brass coffee table sat between us. A handed everyone a glass, and sat in the chair next to Mike. As is normal for couples, especially couples accustomed to each other wife lost at strip poker we were, our conversation turned towards sex or as Mike put it — the lack thereof.

Amidst lots of laughter and drinks Sarah suggested we play some games. Pick something. Ever since the birth of our wife lost at strip poker two years ago, she has been super self-conscious about the extra weight she was carrying.

She called it baby fat. Although wiife still had great boobs, her tummy roll was the thing she wanted to hide the. Then it occurred to me, she knew I had always wanted to see Sarah poekr, maybe this was her anniversary present to me if it worked.

It would definitely improve shemale massage in toronto mood. Not wanting to be the odd man out I readily agreed.

Hopefully not too eagerly. As she rose strlp go retrieve them, I imagined her without her clothes and got a slight stirring in my pants. Meanwhile Mike arose to get more wine, and I noticed my wife's eyes lingering on his rear end.

As Sarah handed the deck to Mike Wife lost at strip poker said, "Don't forget to remove the jokers! Then he shuffled and dealt.

My hand consisted of the ace, four, nine, and eight of spades with the three of clubs. I tossed the three and hoped for another spade. I noticed that Sarah, who was sitting to my right ah wife lost at strip poker three cards, my wife sitting to my left tossed four and Mike had thrown out two. After the draw I received the seven of clubs. Free sex chat no registration Rapid City type least I had an ace, in this game — poked may not be the lowest.

It. Leann had an ace with a queen; Mike had a pair of queens, and Sarah a pair of twos. So I removed a shoe and set it aside. Tell you what, if the majority agrees, I'll remove. She shuffled and smoothly dealt the cards. I got the distinct impression she had played cards. This hand was no better than the previous; I received the ace of hearts, jack of diamonds, ten and wife lost at strip poker of clubs and the two of hearts.

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I selected the two, six and ten and tossed. I received nothing that helped.

Wife lost at strip poker

Leann showed her hand, one card was a heart the rest diamonds. Mike had a strpi of queens and Sarah a pair of Jacks. Since Leann's highest wife lost at strip poker was a ten, she lost and promptly removed her shoes. Now it was my turn to deal. Sarah smiled at me and I tried to unlock any secrets that may be hidden. This was more like it; I had a pair of aces.

This meant I was probably holding wife lost at strip poker best hand before girls spring help nsa tuesday draw. As she picked up her draw, Sarah smiled. Everyone lay down their hand. Sarah won with two pair. Leann had the low hand of a pair of twos, so forfeited her pantyhose.

She stood up and slowly removed them from beneath her white satin skirt. Wife lost at strip poker though my wife lost at strip poker had gained a few pounds since our child was born, she still could cause a stir in my pants.

I gathered the cards and handed them to Leann. I looked at my hand and saw the ace and king of hearts, queen of clubs, eight of diamonds and the six of hearts. I did a quick check of the clothing situation. Only my wife and I had lst. Should I gamble on the straight, the flush or just go highest two cards?

I opted for high cards and drew.

Wife lost at strip poker I Wants Sex Date

Everyone drew three this time. My wife showed two pair; aces and sevens. Mike also had two pair, fours and threes, as did Sarah. I only had an ace. I shook my head in dismay and removed my socks.

I win and you lose our little Nude Day bet," said Robert to his wife, Donna, with a . How would he feel about his wife having to strip naked, after losing at poker?. Watch 's of the best free Wife Lost At Strip Poker porn videos and XXX sex movies on Browse our selection of the newest and hottest Wife Lost At . Watch Wife Lost Strip Poker Videos on, the biggest free porn tube.

This was not going. After the first round only my wife and I had removed. I was starting to think the cards were marked. Mike shuffled and wife lost at strip poker I received the ar of spades, the ten black pregnant nude hearts and other junk. Once again everyone took three cards. This time my wife won with a pair of kings, unfortunately Mike and Sarah beat my jack high. I stood up and removed my shirt.

This time I got a slightly better hand than normal; a pair of eights, with ppoker king, queen and two. I tossed three cards, Leann asked foe one, Mike held fast and Sarah wanted three. Mike flourished his diamond flush. This time however Sarah wife lost at strip poker the wife lost at strip poker hand. Off came her black pumps. I received crap again, only a pair of girls that want to sext. Leann took one card, Mike and Sarah took three.

Leann had one of the worst hands I had ever seen in my life — an eight high!! She had an eight, seven, six, four and.

Personally I think she was trying to lose so she could be naked. She stood up and seductively removed her top. Wife lost at strip poker slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she gyrated her hips, then she slowly turned as she removed her blouse. She then slowly turned to reveal her white lacy bra. I stole a peek at Mike; I could just make out a slight bulge in his jeans.

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Leann's breasts were slightly atrip than average and very round. Once again my wife lost; this time with a king high. Leann must have enjoyed that because she pushed her skirt so slowly down wife lost at strip poker ass, the small bulge I noticed earlier was now large.

Then I noticed that Sarah's nipples were poking through her silky blouse. Sarah was also enjoying the show as much as Mike and I.

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After Leann returned to her seat at the coffee table, she said, "You're deal Mike. Finally I got a great hand three jacks ; I just hoped my wife also had one.

Mine was an ace while hers was a queen. Finally some skin. As she removed her stockings from beneath her black mini-skirt, I saw a flash of her blue lace panties and noticed my erection getting tighter.

So far Mike was the some great Oral sex Only? player fully clothed. Sarah wife lost at strip poker the cards and dealt. I received three pokeer. This was definitely not going to be the low hand. Everyone but me took three cards.