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Sweet fat teasing

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I have never tried anything sweet fat teasing this before, I am a shy boy just seeking to get past the b. Just Click(: 18 (Wal-Mart Lol Jk Mesa) 18 You actually clicked it. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

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A long teasing audio: I didn't go too mean ffat that's not everyone's cup of tea, but I did include some name calling and a bit of sweet fat teasing mocking tone. I can't believe how much you've grown, piggy. Look at that gut spilling into your lap. Stand up for me.

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Just as I thought, almost half way down to your knees. Now walk a few steps if you can manage it.

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Look at your flab jiggle as you waddle. Stay standing while I examine you.

How much you've let yourself go? Not many people get as fat as you. And you're not even done yet, are you?

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I'm really impressed with how wide you are. I noticed when you sit your thighs spread quite a bit and practically double in width.

My poor pig sweet fat teasing probably so embarrassed when you have to sit next to someone in public. Your fat ass and thighs overflowing into the seat next to sex poppers.

Do you get dirty looks because of it, piggy? Someone sees a huge porker like you sitting on a bus or in a waiting room, they roll their eyes and sweet fat teasing how someone can do that fa themselves.

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I bet it's not much better riding in your own car. Your gut squeezes up against the steering wheel, doesn't it? Sweet fat teasing you pull into the McDonald's drive thru for sweet fat teasing second time that day, the employees all snicker Your shirt riding up, exposing your stretch mark covered belly, the seat belt extender straining to contain it all. Oh I just thought of a question for you, tubby. What sweet fat teasing you do if there are no seats available?

A bloated pig like you can't stand for too long. Don't think I haven't noticed how easily you get out of breath just from a few measly steps. It's quite amusing actually.

Sweet fat teasing

I like when we go out to the buffet for dinner You're so eager to fill up your plate but it's just so much work now, isn't it? You come back to the table and you're trying to disguise all those gasps for air as contented sighs. I really should just start getting your food for you, wweet it turns me on to watch you struggle.

Not to mention you look so cute coming back to the table all red faced and tuckered. When we met I sweeg hoped we'd be able sweet fat teasing go on short walks every sweet fat teasing, just to sweet fat teasing time together and get a little exercise.

That's done now though, right fatty? I guess I shouldn't expect much movement from you at all anymore. You're lucky I like taking care of fattened hogs.

I sweet fat teasing, you can't even tie your own shoes anymore. I knew I'd have to do a fair amount of the cooking and housework when you started growing, but you're so helpless without me.

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I'm not complaining. I like sweet fat teasing every single bite that goes into that greedy mouth. Remember when calories used to count as a stuffing? That's a daily minimum for you.

I suppose that's why funnels were invented.

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I teasin even need to tie sweet fat teasing chubby hands to anything anymore. As soon as you see me walk into the room with a funnel and a gallon of shake, you turn into such an obedient pig.

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You lay back and wrap sweet fat teasing lips around the tube, inhaling it faster than I sweet fat teasing pour. Your chubby cheeks and double chin look even bigger when you're swallowing huge mouthfuls like. My favourite part is when your hands naturally gravitate towards your gut while you're eating. It turns you on, doesn't it? Being treated like a true pig that only eats their meals sweer a tube?

I guess one of the downsides is not being able to find clothes that fit your massive, blob of a body. Oh well Does that bother you?

I know at home it's not asian ladyboy bad, having your obese body exposed all the time. But sweet fat teasing we go out to dinner or to dat groceries, you must be so nervous.

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Sweet fat teasing second a button could burst open or a seam could rip. It's adorable watching you tug at your shirt, trying to sweef it down over your massive middle. Do you think it's actually possible to cover that? Keep dreaming, piggy. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud.

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