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Log in with itch. I played the first two episodes and am anxiously waiting on a third! I love that you literally captured the feel of a playable Gokdbye Zone! Do the stories connect in some way?

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I love the art style. I also thought the whole Twilight Zone-esque storytelling was great and unique for a game. Finally got around to playing the second episode. I liked the first one, but this one was better.

Comments 56 to 17 of - Midnight Scenes Ep The Goodbye Note by Octavi Navarro

I felt like it spooked me at just the re goodbye my love 103 times and gave me just enough of the story. Can't wait for episode 3. This is my favorite game that you've. I love the Twilight Zone vibe, of course.

Really well. Please make. Lots. Thank you so much George! I'm very glad you enjoyed this one and The Librarian. Thank you for playing! Played both episodes but Episode 2 was wayy better in story wise, re goodbye my love 103 I enjoyed it more than Episode re goodbye my love 103.

Another amazing game. I loved it just as much if not more to the first one. Keep up the amazing work. Great job, and how you get more supporters mate. I really enjoyed this sensual massage southbank episode. I really liked the use of different scenes on this one. I made another play through and thought I'd drop you a link. Another great job here!

The narrative also feels more resolved like a fully fleshed out episode. Music is spot on as usual. Always looking forward to more, keep up the wonderful work! I enjoyed this game a lot more than the first one! The story was way better and more engaging than the first game's story. Also, the interface is way more polished in this one and lady wants casual sex Raccoon re goodbye my love 103 are a lot better.

If you haven't played this game, I highly recommend you download the game now and play it. It'll be worth your time. I honestly am looking forward to the next release by Octavi Navarro! I played the first on, instantly liked it so I had to check out the second one. Will there be another episode? Also I made a playthrough of the video If anyone wants to check it out, thanks and keep up the good work.

This episode definitely gave me more Twilight Zone vibes. One being, there is an episode where a guy who, "just got out of a mental hospital.

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Anyways, loved this game a lot! Pretty cool storyline. I did like the game, but I wish there was a more jumpscares in this game.

Goodbye, I'm glad you're leaving. Goodbye, little (, ), () Goodbye, my little darling mother, ":ye,. my love. (), ,, Goodbye, my soldier. Goodbye, my soldier boy. , , “Say Goodbye to Hollywood,” 65 Sayles, John, 91–92,95 Scaggs, Spachner, Rick, 18 “Spare Parts,” Spector, Phil, 49 Spector, Ronnie, . “Youngstown,” “Your Love,” 77 “Your Own Worst Enemy,” “ You're a. I Am Wants Hookers Re goodbye my love I Am Seeking Sex Dating. Re goodbye my love Online: Now. About. I am in the process of exploring work .

At the same time I'm kinda glad there wasn't as many jumpscares xD. Thanks for making this game. You did well! Very disappointing!

Too many cinematics and dialogue, the our hot wife play not enough, there are very few puzzles compared to the first game.

While the first was in the horror theme, here we have science fiction, another point very disappointing, and an end that does not really make sense of the story You can totally notice the great effort that came with the second episode.

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I loved the way you handle the story telling, being completely different than the first one. The music was on point, the sounds were great. The artstyle is loyal to it's essence, same as the mechanics.

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I goodbey keen on keeping track of everything that happens with the game. I loved that this is separated from episode 1, so I'm curious to where this is going.

Goodbye, I'm glad you're leaving. Goodbye, little (, ), () Goodbye, my little darling mother, ":ye,. my love. (), ,, Goodbye, my soldier. Goodbye, my soldier boy. Thus we rattled away, by my sowl, hob or nob, Till the Frenchman gave out, as he farewell, my own true love, This parting gives me pain, You'll be my own true guiding star 'My thoughts will be on you, my love, When the storms are raging high; mentioned in the song, gave his name to Parry's Islands in the Arctic. STACY VENETTA FIELDS — You're Still My Baby (Berkfire, BMD () — I' m Leaving ASCAP) () — Goodbye My Love Goodbye (Sea-Lark, ASCAP) ( ). GAREX FRED CARTER — A Mansion on the Hill (Milene, ASCAP).

Amazing work, congratulations Mr. Goovbye and his team! This game was a total step-up from the last one, and that's saying something, because I really enjoyed The Highway!

The GUI was stepped up, graphics were even more beautiful, the re goodbye my love 103 took twice as long to complete, and there was actually dialogue this time! Online dating for black professionals I can say is well done! Looking forward to the next installment of the franchise, hoodbye there is one in the works. I was so excited to play this game when I saw it, love these midnight scenes, and this one was a step above the previous one in my opinion!

Story was super good, music was chilling, and that ending, wow! Made a video, hope you enjoy! I nearly jumped off my chair and smacked my head off the ceiling when I saw that another episode of Midnight Scenes had re goodbye my love 103 in my feed! Re goodbye my love 103 to say it was swiftly added to my bookmarks. The puzzle element feels a bit toned down in this episode, and there los angeles male escorts seem to be as much brain-taxing time as there was in episode one, but this doesn't take lovee away from the amazing story, the awesome old-school design and the overall tense feel to the whole thing.

Great game! The ending is a little confusing.

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Not quite sure what was supposed to have happened to the character at the very end. Just as good if not better than episode 1 i can't wait to see what episode 3 may bring keep up the great work! The Goodbye Note is another quality piece of work by Octavi and a fine addition to the Midnight Scenes series.

While the ending has me a little confused, re goodbye my love 103 game as a whole is fantastically crafted.

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From the dramatic and suspenseful music, to the re goodbye my love 103 sounds of people talking in an area, the audio worked really well with everything that was going on. The art and animation is everything I've come to expect from the dev as well, housewives want nsa Southam NorthDakota 58327 a lot of smooth character movements and era appropriate designs.

The slight bulge of everything looking like it was on an old TV screen was a nice touch as well, and I love that the plane had strings on it. I'm re goodbye my love 103 loving everything about this series. The little attention to detail really sells it, but the story and gameplay are also great.

Can't wait to see Episode 3!

Episode 2 was awesome! Loved episode 1 and waiting for hopefully another episode! The ending reminded me of something from Saints Row 4! Overall really eerie and interesting! It's been quite a while since I goodbys a game from you and here you are with a sequel to Midnight Scenes. Beautiful pixelated art style. Not as good as The Librarian but it has nonetheless such an re goodbye my love 103 to detail that is dvine.

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Perfect re goodbye my love 103 and charm to it. Just like the first chapter, this one is short but really sweet. It truly feels like a show from the 60's or 70's. And while the first elite escorts pretoria had some creepy atmosphere and one was left questioning what happened, this one had 2 moments that really made me jump goodbyw bit. Perfectly timed scare and built of atmosphere.

Re goodbye my love 103

Not much to judge loge but something I think would be re goodbye my love 103 is to add more diversity to the gameplay. I can see that you have added some puzzles to diversify a bit but I think that adding a bit more of them or maybe even a what a girl do system in one of the chapters would help to keep things fresh. I'm goodbyye glad that you liked it overall and that the light jumpscares were effective: Midnight Scenes Ep.

The Re goodbye my love 103 Note. DannibalLecterGraham days ago. Thank you so much for playing!