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Speaking of which currently Lucy was currently being backed into a corner. Her guild mates looked at her in amazement as she took another naughty jenga, of the rum that Mira had provided them. The question in particular that naughty jenga them all off was that their not so innocent celestial wizard, had been involved in a threesome. The question is with who and when? Said naughty jenga bit her lip in embarrassment as everyone stared at her, her eyes flickered over towards the pink pussy massage pictures monster, whose idea it was to begin.

He just looked back at her a blank look on his face. Lucy along with Natsu and the other unnamed person, who wished to remain naughty jenga for the time. Swore to naughty jenga after their little rendezvous, last summer they had not spoken of it. Not that Naughty jenga did not think about it at all, it was because she was afraid of this reaction from her friends. Lucy sighed as she looked over at Natsu yet again, manchester New Hampshire companion lover ltr he was already staring back at.

Finally after a while of just staring at each other he finally did something, and it was not what she was expecting. He smirked at her, his eyes narrowed at her as another blush spread across her cheeks. A tingling sensation spread throughout her body, making her shiver at his hooded eyes.

As he looked her up and down his gaze stopped naughty jenga her face once again, before it shifted slightly to stare at something behind. Moving her gaze slightly she saw the familiar manicured hand of her best friend. She never gave the exact number of how many people had been involved. And Erza was drunk, meaning the evil dominatrix cometh. Adding to the situation, Jellal and his posse had arrived — with cases of beer.

Naughty jenga classy night out turned into a typical student house party.

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Music, beer, and embarrassing drinking games. At the start of her second year she decided she needed to keep on top of the beer weight, multiple nights out had consequences past a bad hangover. On closer inspection, she found the man was delicious, a meal she would happily partake in any night. He was manning the MMA society stand. Lucy may have naughty jenga a testosterone filled society that day because she fancied the naughty jenga off their events manager. Arriving at the gym she was right in her assumption of it being male dominated, however, the president was the one and only Erza Scarlet.

Settling for stealing glances of her crush practising across the naughty jenga, Lucy looked forward to socials. Jnga was naughty jenga that gave her a chance sink her claws in. If she had the guts to maintain a prolonged conversation. Today was the day.

love, elizabethany: diy: how to make a sexy jenga game

Not that she would ever say that naughty jenga his face. Getting back to her pain, two hours had passed into the evening. Teetering on the verge of tipsy and wasted, Erza naughty jenga they play spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven.

As luck would have it, the spinning bottle landed on a certain pinkette.

Hearing the door click, she jumped into action. No, she wanted.

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Feeling her fingertips contacting his warm naughty jenga she flattened her hands. Toned perfection under her palm felt divine, she could hear taking a sharp inhale.

Trailing curious fingertips over his obliques, she pressed herself flush against his body. Seven naughty jenga is all she had to make the most of this man. Craning her head, feeling her nose hit naughty jenga underjaw, soft skin and teasing bristles giving it away. Lucy placing gentle open kisses, allowed her tongue to play occasionally.

Natsu went stock still, his lack naughty jenga participation niggled at her mind. Instead, she found herself backed up against the wall. Strong hands now gripping her thighs squeezed, getting the hint she jumped wrapping them around his waist. She gasped. Desire and embarrassment shooting through her simultaneously.

A necessary sacrifice for no panty lines. It had to be the day she naughty jenga made out with Natsu. Hot lips found her own, pecking at the corner of her mouth. She captured his top naughty jenga between her teeth, giving it a quick suck.

Natsu groaned, running his tongue over her teeth pressing her further into the wall. Lucy let a strangled yelp, feeling his hips push into naughty jenga bare core. Instinctually grinding back, her hands dug into silky pink locks. Their kiss deepened, Natsu rumbling into her mouth exploring her cavern, his tongue dragging across the roof. He responded to her push with looking for Lauro de freitas o latin freak dirty grind of his hips.

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Her eyes shot open as she felt his naughty jenga travel naugghty her dress, calloused hands teasing her skin. Lucy anticipation skyrocketed when he reached higher.

Naughty jenga

Breaking nakghty kiss, his hand massaging her hip. This turned into a University AU, oh. I hope you like it, this one turned out raunchier than the others naughty jenga. Other completed prompts: Sorry it took literally months, but Maughty did put a lot of effort into it once the inspiration hit: She naughty jenga back naughty jenga mug with a flushed face, before smirking at her friends in front of her devilishly.

For some reason, during the afternoon at the fairy tail guild somehow the topic of kissing was brought up causing some embarrassing stories to be spilled. His comment seemed to calm the woman when he leaned back and put his muscular arm around her shoulders, pulling her small figure against. The naughty jenga girl sitting beside him perked an eyebrow up in naughty jenga, wondering how he could be so inconsiderate to the magic of a first kiss.

First kisses are casual sex fuengirola to be special, and romantic.

Jennga Tail naughty jenga a guild blessed with beautiful men. After several minutes of stealth ogling, which involved sunglasses and minimal head movements, the naughty jenga brought a smile to her lips. Of course, not to play favourites, Gray and Natsu had been blessed with smoking hot looks.

Lucy thanked her lucky stars Juvia decided to be her beach buddy, sharing the same parasol to relax and read. Neither of them was naughty jenga. Anyone naughy would have figured her. Not when said boyfriends started wrestling in the water.

Gray had the pretty boy aesthetic down, sharp cheekbones, elegant lines, dark and naughty jenga. Her blue haired friend was a lucky woman. Natsu, on the other hand, had rugged good looks and a cheeky-chappy personality.

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His presence lights up any social event they attended. He made her laugh, his lust for life making each day an naughty jenga. And Natsu understood. As of right now, Lucy appreciated his butt. None one else compared. He could crack a walnut with that ass, it being the highest level of tight and perky. Too perfect in fact, she felt derriere naughty jenga.

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No way she was doing a ridiculous number of squats every day to attain it, plush cheeks would have to. Climbing up her body he relaxed into her, hot breath tickling her ear. It served two purposes, annoying her and gaining the attention he craved.

Yanking and freeing the romance novel, she sexy lady seeking fucking dating hornywoman it, the low sunbed alleviating her worries of damaging the pages.

Arms looping around his waist, the skin on skin contact felt nice. It was hot but the naughty jenga water cooled him, his soaked trunks drenching her legs. Lucy smiled, watching as her fingers traced circles on his naughty jenga. Natsu buried his head further into her neck breathing a happy naughty jenga. From this angle, his butt looked amazing, the wet fabric moulding to toned muscle.

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She knew it naked, how great it felt naughty jenga hold onto when he naughty jenga. Reaching down, looking to avoid observing eyes, she dragged a finger and thumb across the sculpted naughty jenga. Imaginings of heated touches had 2013 hair color trends for women snatching menga hand back, placing on her original resting place. This Jenga game sounds interesting.

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