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This story is part of The Privacy Dividea series that explores the fault lines and disparities—cultural, economic, philosophical—that have developed around digital privacy and its impact on society.

Then, several months ago, when I turned 13, my mom gave me the green light someghing I joined Twitter and Facebook.

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When I saw the pictures that she had been posting on Facebook for years, I felt utterly embarrassed, and deeply betrayed. There, for anyone to see on her public Facebook account, were all of the embarrassing moments from my childhood: The letter I wrote to the tooth fairy when I was five years old, pictures of me crying when I was a toddler, and even vacation pictures nad me when I was 12 and iraq real sex that I had no im 21 and i want something for me of.

It seemed that my entire life was documented on her Facebook account, and for 13 years, I had no idea.

I could understand why my mother would post these things; to our extended family and her friends they were cute, funny moments. But to me they were mortifying.

She would frequently quote me and the random things I would say, it seemed anything I had ever said to her that she thought was funny was fair game.

Things I had no idea she was posting online.

I was furious; I felt betrayed and lied to. I confessed that I felt like my privacy was violated, because I felt like they had no right to take pictures of me or quote me on their Facebook and Twitter accounts without my permission. They were surprised when they heard how I felt, genuinely surprised. In the months since I discovered my unauthorized social media presence, I became more active on Facebook and Twitter.

Every October my school gave a series of presentations about our digital footprints and online safety. Despite everything that had happened with my mom and sister, I had made one of the most common mistakes; all of my social media accounts were public. So I immediately made my accounts private.

I removed anything that included my location in it. Then I deleted all of my posts.

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My accounts now remain dormant and deactivated. I do plan to use my social media accounts sometime in the mf, possibly not until after I graduate high school.

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The real problem with posting about your kids online. I also have a lot more opportunities to be social outside of the digital world, especially in middle school and entering high school now that there are more extracurriculars and clubs available for students to meet and socialize.

My friends consider me to be a goody-two-shoes and somewhat lame for not using social media, but they still treat me just the same and my practice of being safe has influenced them to also try to remain as safe as they can be online. My friends are active social media users, but I think they are more cautious than they im 21 and i want something for me. I think in general spanish translation san francisco generation has to be more mature and more responsible than our parents, or even teens and young adults in high school and college.

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For instance, Instagram is the most popular platform for everyone in my school, but even those who post constantly are more aware than people just a few years ago about how much information the internet is absorbing about us. We are more cautious than people have been.

For my generation, being anonymous is no longer an option. For many of us, the decisions about our online presence are made before we can even speak. And even though I was mortified at what I found that my mom and sister had posted about me online, it mw up a conversation with them, one that I think all parents need to have with their kids.

And probably most importantly, it made me more aware of how I want to use social media now and in the future. Sonia Bokhari is an 8th grader and a persuasive and narrative writer. By Sonia Bokhari 7 minute Read.

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