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Infinity Law Group.

Leave a Comment. Although the last prosecution for adultery was inthe commonwealth still lists adultery as a crime and also as a reason for a divorce.

Infidelity, which is adultery committed by a married person, may or may not affect the divorce case. Where it may become an issue is in the distribution of marital assets, whether or not hopedale MA cheating wives party is awarded alimony, and whether or not the adultery had an effect on the children.

In Massachusetts, marital assets are distributed according to what the court determines is equitable. This does not mean equal, but on a basis that is fair.

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Marital property includes all assets, hopedale MA cheating wives property and income, acquired by the couple before and during the course of the cheatihg.

If one party has used marital assets on gifts for a lover, or on motel rooms or trips with the lover, then the family court might award a greater share of the marital assets to the injured spouse.

The court however, will not punish the cheating spouse simply because they cheated. Alimony is a payment from one spouse, who has the ability to pay, to the other spouse, who is in financial need. The Massachusetts Supreme Court has held that alimony cannot be withheld from an otherwise deserving spouse simply because he or hopedale MA cheating wives was the one who was unfaithful.

On the other hand, the court may cyeating take into account the squandering of marital assets by the unfaithful spouse, who spent money on his paramour, and use this as one factor when awarding a spouse alimony. Even if the spouse denies he or she committed adultery, it is possible, although difficult, to prove. hopedale MA cheating wives

If you are hopedale MA cheating wives injured spouse, you must be very careful that in your zeal to prove infidelity, you do not break the law. The standard of whether or not information you discover can be used in your divorce proceeding is whether your cheatiny had a reasonable expectation that the communication was private.

For example, if you overheard a conversation that is taking place in a public place, that can be used hopedale MA cheating wives the other party. But, whether other information you discover can be used depends on how the information was discovered.

The safest hopedale MA cheating wives for you is to consult with your attorney as to what you can or cannot. Some examples of what you can or cannot do include the following: If you suspect your spouse has been unfaithful and want to use adultery as a ground for divorce, contact our experienced and compassionate attorneys at Infinity Law Group for assistance. Divorce Issues.

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