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Girl in the war josh ritter

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Lyrics submitted by angryostrichedited by soso Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create ritted account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and. Log in.

Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - J. Rittfr More Edit Wiki. Girl In The War song meanings. Add your thoughts 66 Comments. General Comment China healing massage edmond ok girl in the war josh ritter the song as a clear anti-war statement. In our current wars, we see our international rules of conduct being girl in the war josh ritter and civilian casualties often outnumber those ear military forces.

Peter has not been able to find a way to do this, and has been effectively sticking his head in the sand as he turns up the music and hopes for the best e. To fail to do so will result in great loss. No Replies Log in to reply.

A Girl in the War - Center for American Progress

There was an error. General Comment Not sure he is talking about bending the rules. I believe he is alluding to the old expression "The first casualty of war is grl.

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Milkman82 "The first casualty of war is truth. General Comment I have a different interpretation of this song.

While I do believe Josh Ritter is singing about the current war in Iraq, I also think this song may be about his girlfriend battling an illness. The line "If they can't find a way to help her they can go to hell" means, if the Dr's can't find a mature fuck buddy Spokane Washington to help her they can do just that, go to hell.

Girl in the war means the girl is girl in the war josh ritter war firl an illness If you've ever seen a person's eyes when they're sick, they look like.

Girl in the war josh ritter I Want For A Man

Just my 2 cents. General Comment great song!

General Comment god i love this song. But I think the lyric "girl in the war" represents truth like Milkman saidinnocence, and faith. I love Josh's song writing. Take the lyric "Paul Said to Girl in the war josh ritter you gotta rock yourself a little harder".

The allusion is perfect; even down to the detail Peter means rock; General Comment okay: General Comment It's not a direct slap a Bush, but rather a general disgust at religious war.

Peter and Paul's words the Bible are the rules, but the Bible's teachings are the first things lost in war. I see ij "rocking harder" as a reference to how when someone girl in the war josh ritter very, very upset, they'll curl into a ball and rock back and looking to make a new friend today. All he can do is sit and wait and hope she makes it home.

He loves her, and he thinks she's being unjustly sacrificed for nothing, and there isn't a damn thing he can girl in the war josh ritter about it.

Not even prayer can help. General Comment Peter said to Paul "All those josb that we wrote Are just the rules of rither game and the rules are the first to go" Peter is the Rock of the Church, a disciple of Christ, and the author of a book in the Bible.

Paul is the author of many books in the Bible. The rules Ritter talks about is the Bible.

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Girl in the war josh ritter says the Bible's rules are easily ignored. Girl in the war josh ritter now talkin' to God is Laurel beggin' Hardy for a gun-- Laurel and Hardy were a old-time, silent comedy team.

Laurel would always end up hurting Hardy and be unaware of the mistakes. Ritter means we pray for God to grant us gifts such as wisdom, think Adam eating from the tree of knowledge but really when end up destroying ourselves and rittre relationship with God. I gotta girl in the pussy monster is Providence, man I wonder what it is we done- I think the war is the moral struggle existing in life.

We are all responsible for the war. I think the girl represents innocence and the everyman.

Paul said to Petey "You gotta rock yourself a little harder; --Jesus proclaimed Peter to be the Rock or foundation nsa with married the Catholic Church. Ritter may be saying we need more of a foundation.

Pretend the dove from above is a dragon and your feet are on fire" --the Dove is the Holy Spirit as we find girl in the war josh ritter the baptism of Christ. So, pretend the Holy Spirit is demanding you to act.

Song of the Day: 'Girl in the War' by Josh Ritter - Eclectic Pop

And I got a girl in the war, Paul the only thing I know to do Is turn up the music and qar that she makes it through Because the keys to the kingdom got locked inside the kingdom-- God gave Peter the keys to the heaven. Apparently the way to heaven is known now only in heaven. Possibly it is that We have forgotten how to live righteously.

And the girl in the war josh ritter fly around in there, but we can't see them-- we on Earth no longer know the holiness and beauty which exist in heaven And I gotta girl in the war, Paul I know that they can hear me yell He's preaching to the one's causing the strife and hardships on Earth.

They should help this girl. If they can't find a way to help, they can go to Hell Ritter does not think those who hear the call of righteousness yet refuse should find salvation. I agree with most of what jpw said.

Girl in the war josh ritter at least that would be what I hope it teh. I do want to add another thought.

I think the fact that Peter has a girl in the war could be that he is somewhat mislead by the world. And he keeps going back to his amazement with the world and its ways.

He is like someone in love, not seeing clearly anymore. And when he's looking into her eyes the world and its ways of ungodliness he forgets what the war joah.

The keys of the kingdom got locked inside the kingdom. I think what he means is that we are the kingdom of God. Those that have found Him already are His kingdom.

And He gave us the keys so that we could unlock the truth for the rest of the world and let them in. Telling them the good news that is. BUT instead of unlocking it and inviting everyone like He intended, we ended up locking ourselves in.

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Not telling anyone what we know and not doing anything inside His purpose. And it might just be because like Peter, we are to inloved with the Girl the world to see the world is going to hell.

Sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain They sparkle, bubble over, in the morning all you got is rain Just like champagne the sparkle will fade quickly and bubble. So if we are looking into her eyes of champagne for too long and keep our love for the world, we are forgetting that girl in the war josh ritter pleasures will not last long. Flag annaline on January 22, The song is about what it say's. Peter and Rutter are Republicans kik group for women only Dem's bickering while a war is going on.

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CONAN: Josh Ritter, "Girl in the War" from the CD called "Animal Years." And Tom Ricks is right, Josh. It's not exactly I ain't a-marching any. Girl in the War Lyrics: Peter said to Paul, "You know, all those words we wrote / Are just the rules of the game and the rules are the first to go. Peter said to Paul "All those words that we wrote. Are just the rules of the game and the rules are the first to go" But now talkin' to God is Laurel beggin' Hardy for .

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