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Dark chocolate is also rich in antioxidants and high in caffeinetwo ingredients that can increase blood flow and jump-start the libido.

Moreover, there's a unique sensual aspect to eating chocolate. A BBC study also found that participants who let chocolate melt on their tongues had higher pulse rates, as well chocolate and sex brain activity similar to that experienced during passionate kissing.

This evidence doesn't mean that all chocolate is going to do the trick. In chocolate and sex to get the right boost, you've got to choose pure, dark chocolate -- eating a huge slice of devil's food cake will just put you in the mood for an afternoon nap.

Use a mixture of textures, tastes and temperatures to keep your partner guessing; the latina rebecca chocolate and sex mystery will intensify the seductive experience that you both. To further enhance your time in the bedroom, create a sexy guide that tells your partner where and when you want to be touched.

Like all things delicious, moderation is key. Just remember, too much chocolate can cause weight gain.

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The Ultimate Guide. Stimulates and elevates mood Eating chocolate is chocolate and sex sensory experience, much like sex. Increases blood flow to sexual organs Chocolate contains an amino acid that is an effective natural sex-enhancer for both you and your partner.

Create intimacy Chocolate packs an aphrodisiac punch that causes one to chocolate and sex a higher level of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. Ignite your Tastebuds Chocolate works chemically to usher in feelings of excitement, joy and contentment.

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